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The post-2022 displacement is the largest relocation since World War II, profoundly affecting the configuration of Eurasian networks. The New East Symposium’s two-day event Displaced Life-Worlds examines the dynamic profile of the new diaspora, displaced to Alma Aty and Antalya; Berlin and Baku; Israel and Istanbul, Tallinn and Tbilisi. Is this the “Fifth Wave,” the “Ukrainian emigration,” the “Putin emigration,” the “disenchanted emigration”?  As for “relokanty” (the “relocated ones”), is it disrespectful or descriptive?  How do the older waves—1917, 1945, the 1970s, the (unrecognized) 1990s—invite comparisons with today: the Fourth Wave’s internet was an uncertain thing; the Fifth Wave’s internet might be more central than central heating.  What are the diasporas’ commonalities, diversities, and future solidarities at this historical turn? 
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