Larisa Maliukova

maliukovaLarisa Maliukova is a leading Russian film critic, scriptwriter, and publicist.  She graduated from the State Academy of Theater Arts in 1980.  She received her Doctor of Philosophy in 1985 (with a thesis on the interaction of arts: theatre and cinema). Her articles have appeared in Novaya GazettaIskusstvo kinoSeansTeatrSovetskii fil’mSovetskii ekran.  Her book Beyond/Cinema, the first systematic study of modern Russian animation, was awarded the White Elephant by the Guild of Film Scholars and Critics.  She has written film scripts for several documentaries, including Frida versus FridaDiego Rivera in the Land of BolsheviksLook at the  Sky!Pushkin SquareIf not for Kolya Shatrov… , and German and Carmalita.

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