Robert Clift Ph.D.

Robert Clift

Robert Clift, Ph.D. is a documentary filmmaker and media studies scholar with work appearing on national public television, in film festivals, on new media platforms and in academic publications. His most recent film, Making Montgomery Clift (2018), looks at the life and legacy of his uncle, classic Hollywood movie star and queer icon Montgomery Clift. Produced and directed with Hillary Demmon, the film has played at more than 40 national and international festivals, received a Silver Award for Best Documentary Feature from the University Film and Video Association (UFVA), and was released commercially by The Orchard/1091 Media in 2019. His writing on Sacha Baron Cohen’s theatrical feature Borat (2006) was published by Routledge as part of the anthology Cine-Ethics: Ethical Dimensions of Film Theory, Practice and Spectatorship (2013).

Selected Reviews

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