Nataliya Masharova

Natasha Masharova (b. 1984) is a Ukrainian-born and Los Angeles-based visual artist, photographer, and documentary filmmaker. She was a co-founder and visual editor of several influential art and culture media outlets covering the post-Soviet area (,, Sho), and worked as a photographer for various international magazines (Vice, TimeOut, Esquire, etc). In 2009, Natasha and her partner were subjected to violent persecution as a result of their media activism against censorship and in support of LGBTQ+ in Ukraine. This forced them to flee their home and seek political refuge in the U.S. In her documentary work, Natasha focuses on the ethnographic exploration of underrepresented cultures and phenomena, breaking down cultural barriers and encouraging empathy and understanding. Natasha's photography is a unique visual tribute to the industrial landscape, influenced by her upbringing in Post/Soviet Ukraine, where she developed an eye for finding beauty in the roughest of places. Masharova's works have been screened, collected, and exhibited in the US, Europe, and Asia.