Aleksandr Bashirov

Aleksandr Bashirov

Bashirov was born in 1955 in the village of Sogom in the Tiumen province. From 1984-1991 he studied at VGIK in the directing workshop of Anatolii Vasil'ev. During this period, he made two short films, Outsider and Ode to Joy. In 1990-1991, he studied at the Berhow Studio in New-York, in a drama skills workshop run by Lawrence Aransio.

Bashirov has acted in over 20 films. In 1992-1995, he also acted in video clips, hosted concerts of leading rock groups and participated in the shows of the group Pop Mechanics. In 1996, Bashirov founded Deboshir Film Studio , where he is both the creative director and a teacher at the directors' workshop. The Iron Heel of Oligarchy is his director's debut in full-length feature film.

Iron Heel of Oligarchy [Zheleznaia piata oligarkhii]

A solo piece. The film simultaneously enacts and subverts every model from which it borrows, be that Jack London's The Iron Heel or the figure of a proletarian leader, preparing an uprising. The protagonist's feverish movement through the workers' quarters of St. Petersburg and the inspired reading of the London's novel to prostitutes, contrasts with the slow off-screen narration of the hero's beloved.


  • 70 min. Russia. Color.
  • Production: Deboshir Film
  • Director and Scriptwriter: Aleksandr Bashirov
  • Camera: Sergei Lando, Vladimir Bryliakov
  • Designer: Vladimir Svetozarov
  • Music: Evgenii Fedorov
  • Producers: Sergei Vladimirov, Rodion Ismailov, Aleksandr Bashirov
  • Aleksandr Bashirov, Rita Margo, Elena Iudanova, Inna Volkova, Natal'ia Pivovarova, Evgenii Fedorov
  • Rita Margo

Selected Actor Filmography

  • 1998 Khrustalev, My Car! (dir. Aleksei German)
  • 1993 Over the Dark Water (dir. Dmitrii Meskhiev)
  • 1991 House Under the Starry Skies (dir. Sergei Solov'ev); Black Rose Is an Emblem of Sorrow, Red Rose Is an Emblem of Love (dir. Sergei Solov'ev)
  • 1989 The Needle (dir. Rashid Nugmanov)
  • 1988 Assa (dir. Sergei Solov'ev)
  • 1986 Someone Else's White and the Speckled (dir. Sergei Solov'ev)


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