Aleksandr Kiselev

Aleksandr Kiselev graduated from the Department of Journalism at Moscow State University. Since 1984 he has signed his film reviews "Sasha Kiselev." He has published articles in Russian critics on the cinema of Glasnost (ed. Michael Brashinsky and Anrew Horton, 1984) and Kinoglobus. His reviews have been published in Sovetskii filmIskusstvo kinoSeansSovetskii ekranStolitsaStereoKino (Riga), Pluto (Belgium), Bref (France), as well as in the newspapers Dom kinoLiteraturnaia gazetaVek, and others. He is a regular contributor to Film and Kinobiznes. He has written screenplays for and directed a dozen documentary films, and is currently a producer of a series of documentary films. He is also the Artistic Director of the film production company "TeleKinoForum."
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