Aleksandr Kolbovskiy

Aleksandr Kolbovskiy graduated from the Department of Journalism at Moscow State University and for many years worked as a journalist. He began to write about cinema in the 1980s for the journal Sovetskii ekran. He started working at the NTV channel in 1988 as one of the directors of the film section and the chief editor of the Nashe kino program on NTV-Plus. In 2002 he launched Pestraia lenta, a television program for the TVS channel and later for the First Channel. He has written scripts for and directed several television programs about cinema, as well as written several books about Russian film actors. His current program on the First Channel, Dobroe utro, is one of the most popular shows devoted to cinema. He selects films to be released on DVD by Pervaia videokompaniia. He is a member Nika, the Academy of Cinema Art.
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