Cine Fantom Club

New Russian Experimental Shorts: Cine Fantom Club

Thursday, 6 May at 4:00pm

  • Nikolai Beriozkin Love Story (23 min) Aleinikov brothers, 1994
  • Four Items (9min) Aleksander Doulerain and Yan Rauch, 1997
  • He (5 min) Ol'ga Lialina, 1995
  • Coup d'etat (2 min) Vladimir Krauzov, 1993
  • Currents of Death (4 min) Stepvideo Studio, 1993
  • The Restoration of Dreams for Our Acquaintances (11 min) Dmitry Trofimov, 1995
  • Bruner's Trial (10 min) Olga Stolpovskaya and Dmitry Troitsky, 1998
  • That One Who Is Not Guided By Nobody (16 min) Boris Yukhanov, Sergei Savoushkin, and Nina Zaretskaia
  • Jambo (4 min> Evgeny Kondratiev
  • The Youth of a Constructor(22 min) Aleksander Doulerain and Dmitry Troitsky

The Cine Fantom Club was founded in November 1995 by Gleb Aleinikov, both to commemorate the death of his brother Igor' in a plane crash in 1994 and to expand the "Parallel Cinema" movement. "Parallel Cinema," established in 1987 by the Aleinikov brothers in Moscow, was an independent alternative to official state filmmaking in the Soviet Union. In 1990 the Aleinikov brothers helped to organize screenings of representative works of "Parallel Cinema" in a number of American cities, including the Anthology Film Archives in New York and the Washington DC Film Festival.

The main goal of the Cine Fantom Club is to provide a venue for experiments with new film and video techniques, and to encourage the search for new forms and visual languages in contemporary cinema.

The Cine Fantom Club organizes screenings of Russian and foreign filmmakers, programs of short films that are selected from festivals, works by new artists, video performances, retrospectives of classical and contemporary avant-garde directors, seminars and discussions. Cine Fantom Club programs have been screened at the Grenz Land Filmtage (Selb, 1995), the European Media Art Fest (Osnabruck, 1998), the Cottbus Film Festival (1995). In January 1999, works of the Cine Fantom Club were screened at the Anthology Film Archives in New York as part of an extensive program, Recent Russian Experimental Films.

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