Greg Dolgopolov

Dr. Greg Dolgopolov teaches and researches at University of New South Wales (in Sydney Australia) in video production, film and television theory.  Greg's research interests include post-Soviet cinema and the crime genre.  Greg has written on historical television detective serials, reality game shows, contemporary cinema, Soviet films stars, Australian and Russian vampire films, documentary films, international horror and mafia representations and, most recently, the industry of film festivals. His research has been published in a number of edited collections and Social Semiotics, Senses of Cinema, Metro Magazine, Lumina, Real Time and Kinokultura where he now is a member of the editorial board.  Greg co-edited Studies in Australasia Cinema. Greg has worked in the film industry for a number of years as an actor and theatre director. His specialty is acting in documentary films.  Greg is the curator and associate director of the Russian Resurrection Film Festival.
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