Larisa Sadilova

Born in 1965 in Briansk, Larissa Sadilova graduated from VGIK (the actorsU workshop of Sergei Gerasimov and Tamara Makarova) in 1986. She has acted in the films Lev Tolstoi (dir. Sergei Gerasimov, 1984), The Night (dir. Gennadii Sidorov, 1990), and Not to Forget, Not to Forgive. Happy Birthdayis Sadilova's debut as a director. She dedicated the film to her son, Vladimir.

Happy Birthday [S dnem rozhdeniia!] (1998)

The film set in a Russian provincial maternity ward, mixes fictional elements with documentary footage. The run-down facilities create a striking background to the stories of several women sharing their moments of intense happiness and grief.


  • 69 min. Russia. B/W.
  • Production: Cinema Support Foundation
  • Director and Scriptwriter: Larissa Sadilova
  • Camera: Irina Ural'skaia, Aleksandr Kazarenskov
  • Music: Sergei Rakhmaninov, Georgii Sviridov
  • Producer: Gennadii Sidorov
  • Cast: Gulia Mkhitarian, Irina Proshina, Evgeniia Turkina, Masha KuzUmina, Rano Kubaeva


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