Marcia Landy

Marcia Landy is Distinguished Professor in English/Film Studies with a Secondary appointment in the French and Italian Department at the University of Pittsburgh. She has taught courses in film theory, Visual History through Cinema, Women and Film, Italian Cinema, British Cinema, Cinema and the Transnational, Feminism and Film, Politics of Film, and Deleuze and Cinema. She has received awards for her teaching, and in 2005 she received the Chancellor’s Distinguished Senior Research Award at the University of Pittsburgh. She has received research grants from the American Philosophical Society and from the American Council of Learned Societies. Her books include Fascism in Film: The Italian Commercial Cinema 1931-1943 (1986); British Genres: Cinema and Society, 1930-1960 (1991); Imitations of Life: A Reader on Film and Television Melodrama (1991); Film Politics, and Gramsci (1994); Queen Christina (with Amy Villarejo, 1995); Cinematic Uses of the Past (1996); The Folklore of Consensus: Theatricality in Italian Cinema (1998); Italian Cinema (2000) The Historical Film History and Memory in Media (2000); Stars: The Film Reader (with Lucy Fischer 2004); Monty Python’s Flying Circus (2005, and Stardom Italian Style: Screen Performance and Personality in Italian Cinema (2008). She has published essays in such journals as ScreenJournal of Film and TelevisionQuarterly Review of Film and Television, The Historical Review of Film, Radio, Cinema Journal,and TelevisionKinoKultura, and boundary 2 among others. Her essays also appear regularly in anthologies on Italian cinema, British cinema from the 1930s through the 1960s, history in and of film, film genres (the western, the biopic, comedy, and melodrama), fascism and film, popular culture and television, and the writings of Antonio Gramsci. She is on the editorial boards of Italian Cultureboundary 2Quarterly Review of Film and Television.
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