Mikhail Trofimenkov

Mikhail Trofimenkov graduated from the Art History Department of Leningrad University in 1988 and completed his graduate studies at the Leningrad Institute of Theater, Music, and Cinema in 1992. Since 2000 he has worked as a reporter for the Kommersant" publishing house. He has published more than 2,500 articles in Vlast'Goro dDekorativnoe iskusstvoDen'giIskusstvoIskusstvo kinoKriticheskaia massa, Mir dizainaNovaia russkaia kniga, Ochen' UMPeterburgskii teatral'nyi zhurnalSeansTeatral'naia zhizn'Ekran, ADArt ElectronicsFuzzRolling StoneVogueGQFigaro Ma dame, an d others. He has published two books—Sergei Bodrov. Poslednii geroi (Eksmo, 2003) and Ia obeshchaiu van krov' i slezy (Limbus Press, 2006)—and has contributed articles to Sokurov (Seans, 1993), Putevo ditel' po kino (Afisha, 2003; 2nd ed. 2004), and Noveishaia istoriia otechestvennogo kino (Seans, 2001-2004). He has served on the juries of international film festivals in St. Petersburg, Angers (France), Baku (Azerbaijan), and Geneva. He is the director of the international festival program for Kinotavr and one of the founders of Faces of Love festival (Moscow, 1995-6). He has received awards for “Best Film Critic of the Year” three times: from the Russian Union of Filmmakers (November 1994), from the archival film festival in Belye Stolby (January 1999), and from the Guild of Film Scholars and Critics (May 2004). He has appeared in Evgenii Ivanov’s film Nicotine (1992) and in Sergei Potemkin’s Sunless City (2005).
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