2021 Russian Film Symposium Schedule

The 2021 Russian Film Symposium Schedule is fully virtual. Due to Covid-19 All films and other RFS events will be held online giving people around the world the chance to attend from the comfort of their homes or offices. Below you'll find a complete schedule of events for the 2021 Russian Film Symposium including all films, discussions, and more.


30 April: 11:00 am—1:30 pm

About Kira Stealthily О Кире украдкой
Irina Vasil'eva
(2019), 77 min

Curator: Eve Barden (University of Pittsburgh)
Introduced by: Irina Vasil'eva (Art Director, Studio “Fishka-fil'm)
Respondent: Robert Clift (University of Pittsburgh)
Discussion Host: Eve Barden (University of Pittsburgh)

1 May: 11:00 am—1:30 pm

Exact Time Точное время
Tat'iana Stefanenko
(2017) 26 min

Stasya is Me Стасяэто я
Stasia Granovskaia: (2020) 60 min

Curator: Dinara Garifullina (University of Pittsburgh)
Introduced by: Bella Grigoryan (University of Pittsburgh)
Respondent: Anastasia Kostina (Yale University)
Discussion Host: Dinara Garifullina (University of Pittsburgh)



7 May: 11:00 am—1:50 pm

Spice Boyz Спайс бойз
Vladimir Zinkevich
(2020) 106 min

Curator: Denis Saltykov (University of Pittsburgh)
Introduced by: Jeffrey Sconce (Northwestern University)
Respondent: Adam Lowenstein (University of Pittsburgh)
Discussion Host: Denis Saltykov (University of Pittsburgh)

8 May: 11:00am—1:30pm

Ich-chi Иччи
Kostas Marsaan
(2020) 87 min

Curator: Eva Ivanilova (University of Pittsburgh)
Introduced by: Marianna Siegen (producer) and Kostas Marsaan (director) 
Respondent: Neepa Majumdar (University of Pittsburgh)
Discussion Host: Eva Ivanilova (University of Pittsburgh)



Animation Shorts
14 May: 11:00am—1:30pm

Bus Stop Остановка
Nina Bisyarina
(2016) 7 min

How Much Does the Cloud Weigh? Сколько весит облако?
Nina Bisyarina
(2018) 5:30 min

Little Big Dream Маленькая большая мечта
Nina Bisyarina
(2018) 5:30 min

Running after Wall Бег за стеной
Liana Makaryan
(2020) 9:58 min

Anna, Cat-and-Mouse Аннакошки-мышки
Varya Yakovleva
(2020) 5:27 min

Once upon a Time There Was a House Жил-был дом
Svetlana Andrianova
(2017) 5:09 min

Lucky Ticket Счастливый билет
Svetlana Andrianova
(2019) 4:12 min

Very Lonely Cock Очень одинокий петух
Leonid Shmelkov
(2015) 5:46 min

Lola the Living Potato Лола живая картошка
Leonid Shmelkov
 (2018) 17:18 min

About a Mother Про маму
Dina Velikovskaya
(2019) 7:20 min

Ties Узы
Dina Velikovskaya
(2019) 7:39 min

Curator: Olga Blackledge (Bethany College)
Introduced by: Laura Pontieri (Independent Scholar)
Respondent: Michele Leigh (Independent Scholar) 
Discussion Host: Olga Blackledge(Bethany College)

15 May: 11:00am—1:30pm

Hoffmaniada Гофманиада
Stanislav Sokolov
(2018) 75 min

Curator: Olga Klimova (University of Pittsburgh)
Introduced by: Stanislav Sokolov (director, professor of animation at VGIK)
Respondent: Lora Mjolsness (University of California, Irvine)
Discussion Host: Olga Klimova (University of Pittsburgh)


Other Symposium Events

15 May: 2:00 pm—3:00 pm

Roundtable: Itogi: what do we make of all this?
Nancy Condee, Vladimir Padunov, Elena Prokhorova, and Alexander Prokhorov 

A discussion of this years films.

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