St. Anna Film Festival Retrospective

Tuesday, 2 May 2000

Program running time: 92 minutes

Evgenii Zvezdakov: Close-Up, 1997.

script: Evgenii Zvezdakov and Maksim Trapo
camera: Maksim Trapo
starring: Oleg Koloskov and Marina Fed'ko
b/w, 35-millimeter, no dialog, 16 minutes

First Prize for Fiction Film, 1997

Vasilii Fenin: Angel, 1999.

(Russia/Yauf Studio)
script: Vasilii Fenin
camera: Farkhad Mamatkazin
starring: Pavel Kassinskii
color, 35-millimeter, subtitled, 8 minutes

Third Prize for Fiction Film, 1999

Vadim Arapov: Poor Yorick!, 1998.

(Russia/Yauf Studio)
script: Dmitrii Voronkov
camera: Vadim Arapov
starring: Ivan Verkhovykh, Inga Monaenkova, Nastia Soboleva
b/w, video, subtitled, 15 minutes

Prize for Camerawork, 1999

Pavel Bardin: The Hero, 1999.

(Russia/Yauf Studio)
script: Pavel Bardin
camera: Pavel Kapinos and Dmitrii Bazhenov
starring: Pavel Kassinskii
b/w, 35-millimeter, subtitled, 10 minutes

First Prize for Fiction Film, 1999

Sergei Steblov: The Werewolf, 1999.

(Russia/Yauf Studio)
camera: Oleg Chernous
starring: Sergei Steblov, Vladimir Zharkov, Timofei
b/w, video, subtitled, 10 minutes

Prize for Fiction Film, 1999

Iurii Kuzin: The Lefty, 1999.

script: Iurii Kuzin
camera: Artak Igitian
starring: Nikita Moriakov, Evgenii Kindinov, Andrei I
sepia, 35-millimeter, subtitled, 19 minutes

Second Prize for Fiction Film, 1999
Russian entry for Cannes Film Festival, 1999

Aleksandr Kott: The Journey, 1997.

script: Aleksandr Kott
camera: Petr Dukhovskoi
starring: Vadim Vil'skii, Sergei Badichkin, Konstantin Peganov
color, video, no dialog, 4 minutes

Classroom Exercise

Aleksandr Kott: Photographer, 1998.

script: Aleksandr Kott
camera: Petr Dukhovskoi
starring: Viktor Vil'skii, Boris Estrin, Natal'ia Klimutko
b/w, 35-millimeter, no dialog, 10 minutes

Third Prize for Fiction Film, 1999
Entry for Cannes Film Festival, 1998

About the St. Anna Festival

The St. Anna Festival for Student and Debut Films was established in 1993. It is held annually in Moscow at the end of February. The Festival is open to all student and debut films produced in the preceding year in the Russian Federation, the Commonwealth of Independent States, and the Baltic Republics. Films are accepted for screening in three categories (regardless of length, genre, medium, or academic level of the student): animation, fiction film, and non-fiction film.

In the six years of its existence, the Festival has become the premier venue for introducing works by the youngest generation of Russia's filmmakers. This is as much due to its policy of accepting works from all of the media, as it is to the consistently high-level of professionalism expected of and demonstrated by the Festival's juries.

The Festival is sponsored by the Russian Federation Union of Filmmakers, the Confederation of Republican Unions of Filmmakers, Kino-Center, the State Institute for Filmmaking (VGIK), and Studio A-B-A.

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